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Cream 3PC Top Grain Leather Reclining Sofa Set


Cushioned back and armrest
Easy to assemble

Assembled Dim

3S: 78.74*38.58*40.16
2S: 58.27*38.58*40.16
1S: 38.98*38.58*40.16

SKU: LY8610-3-2-1 Categories: , ,
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Blue 3PC Sofa Set


Large size 3PCs set
Wooden legs
Wooden platform
Easy to assemble

Assembled Dim

3S: 83.07*34.25*32.28
2S: 62.99*34.25*32.28
1S: 42.13*34.25*32.28

SKU: LY8841-3-2-1 Categories: , ,
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Light Gray Air Leather Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrest


Adjustable headrest for looks and feels
Stainless steel legs
Cushioned armrest

Assembled DIM

3S: 70.08*42.52*27.17/37.01
CH: 42.13*70.47*27.17/37.01

SKU: LY8850 Categories: , ,
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Blue Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrest


Wide seats
Adjustable headrest
Stainless steel feet and rim

Assembled Dim

2S: 66.14*40.55*27.56/35.43
CR: 37.40*37.40*27.56/35.43
1S: 38.58*37.40*27.56/35.43

SKU: LY8904 Categories: , ,
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Blue-Gray Sofa with Chaise and Storage


Extra storage
Wide seats
Adjustable headrest

Assembled Dim

1S: 36.61*39.76*29.53/37.40
CR: 39.76*39.76*29.53/37.40
2S: 56.69*41.34*29.53/37.40
J: 28.35*41.34*29.53/37.40
CH: 36.22*64.17*29.53/37.40

SKU: LY8906 Categories: , ,
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Light Brown Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Adjustable Backrest


Adjustable backrest
Stainless steel legs
2 complementary small cushions included

Assembled DIM

3S: 73.23*42.13*28.35/36.22
CH: 40.16*70.08*28.35/36.22

SKU: LY5596 Categories: , ,
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