Furniture To Make It Your Home

Likkei Home is One-For-All Stop to Shop for Your Home

With Likkei Home’s furniture, you will discover a wide variety to meet your preferences, as well as your family’s needs. From rustic to modern, from color palette to black-and-white, we are here to help you put design your home from entryway to backyard with our sofa, bedframe, furniture of all sorts.

Likkei Home understands the needs of each family member could vary and we endeavor to accomplish everyone’s needs in your home – our goal is to create harmony to your home no matter how small or how big your desire is. Not sacrificing comfort or quality over design or price, we determine to deliver to you and your family best quality within your budget.

Tips to Get Top Rated Home Furnitures at Your Click

  • Measure! Measure! Measure! Is the rule of thumb when it comes to purchase furniture. Every home shopper should take time to adequately plan out where your master piece will be placed. We guarantee detailed measurements will save you much time and headache when you buy the right furniture with one purchase.
  • Collect the styles/fashion preferences from each family member, weigh the proportion of each opinion – this will give you directions of what styles of furniture you will be looking for.
  • Choose a color theme for your home, color theme can consolidate different styles into one harmonized setting.
  • Clean the space before delivery, this will give you the best result and looking when your favorite furniture arrives.
  • Not sure about what theme your home will be? Start by picking your favorite essentials, we can help you find the best match to build a HOME!!

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For Wholesaler

Your Best Sofa Company – “Serving the best quality furniture wholesalers since 1990”

*Honesty, Innovation, Development*

Established in 1995, Lian Yu Industry (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd has been providing best services in designing, manufacturing and selling our sofas to more than 30 countries across the world, including Canada, United States, Spain, Britain, Germany, Belgium, South Korea and Australia. We have been supplying wholesalers for over 25 years, with our high standard quality control on our products. The exporting rate of our business is expanding by 320% every year. Our products include all “bread and butter” varieties, as well as fabric non-functional sofa and full leather electric recliner sofa.

Our Spirit : “Teamwork Spirit Creates Number One Sofas”

Our factory is about 15,000 square meters and there are more than 100 workers to ensure our products are produced under a same standard, unified quality control. In the meantime, we have a large professional team of excellent designers, technicians and salespersons to serve your needs.

Our mottos: *Focus on People* – *Innovative Design* – *Strict Quality Control* – *Environment Oriented Production*

We all want to live with high quality with an affordable price. Understanding this, we keep our eyes closely on the production cost by building up a good relationship with our suppliers to get the lowest price for our supplies, as well as enforcing strict quality control in production by assigning departmental managers to confirm with us that every step in production is done properly. Other than that, we have a set of world famous machines which enhance our producing capability.

Our product line “LIKKEI” mainly includes recliner sofa, home threater sofa, love seat sofa, chaise longue, etc. All of them can both be made in manual and electric recliner. In addition, we have the best designer with whom you can share your own design and we will make it according to your requirement.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call, email or fax us if you have any questions.